Who can apply?

Public, private, charter, and virtual high schools or youth service clubs within high schools can apply. Community youth service clubs and organizations may also apply. Participation in 2021 and 2022 is generally limited to the geography identified on this map. Applications are welcome from student government associations, Model UN, UNICEF chapters, Interact, Key Club, Beta Club, NHS, Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other groups.

What are the benefits?

YPA puts youth at the center of building and sustaining a culture of peace. A unique aspect of YPA is an innovative web-based platform that is mobile-friendly and contains content, challenges, case studies and community. Students drawn to or required to complete service learning projects will find team action Peace Project learning and experiences especially relevant. Certifications are provided for completion of different aspects of the journey. Quality team action Peace Projects can be considered for additional recognition and awards.

Is there a cost to participate?

If accepted into YPA, there is no cost to participate. However, the number of high schools and youth service clubs and organizations that will be accepted is limited by total available sponsor funding. Acceptance notifications are made on a rolling basis.

Is the content approved by school boards or other authorities?

YPA is currently intended as an educational and experiential option for administrators, teachers, and advisors within high schools and youth service clubs and organizations. The choice to make use of YPA resources is voluntary and at the discretion of educators and advisors who believe YPA is consistent with established education and service learning standards.

What are the responsibilities of a high school or service club or organization?

A principal, assistant principal, designated administrator, or teacher may apply on behalf of a high school. An advisor may submit an application for a high school or community youth service club or organization. For each application, a Youth Peace Activator must be identified and serve as a primary contact with YPA. If multiple service clubs from a high school want to be involved, one application can serve as an “umbrella” for all. Any school-based club that applies is encouraged to promote the YPA opportunity to the school broadly, including other service clubs. A student inquiring about YPA must coordinate with an adult who has authority to sign a YPA agreement.

Where and when can I view the YPA Kick-Off?

The YPA Kick-Off can be viewed at www.YPAKickOff.org

The YPA Kick-Off was broadcast on the International Day of Peace, September 21st. Recordings of the YPA Kick-Off are available at www.YPAKickOff.org for:

  • High Schools & Youth Clubs
  • Peacebuilding Community
  • Rotarians

Is it too late to get my high school or youth club/org. involved?

We are not currently reviewing new applications. However, the form is open! We recommend submitting an application now, and we will contact you when your application has been reviewed. Apply by clicking here.

How do I find my Access Code to register for free?

Your school, club, or organization's YPA Activator has your custom codes. You can check who your YPA Activator is by clicking here.

You can also request your Access Codes by completing this form.

If you are a Rotarian, you do not require a code to register for Guiding Young Peacebuilders. Please see "How do I register for my course?" below.

How do I register for my course?

Registering for your course takes about one minute! Click on your course below for a video tutorial on registering: