Extensive research on the drivers of conflict and peace confirm that people at a local level - communities - are the best resources for building and sustaining peace. Trust, relationships and social capital matter. 

Youth & Peace in Action focuses on students first while building and supporting an ecosystem of teachers, advisors and community members around them who also come to understand peacebuilding. While students are able to take courses and have experiences like My Peacebuilder Foundations, adult allies and supporters can take similar courses including Guiding Young Peacebuilders

Beyond course learning and reflection, it’s important to have safe spaces to discuss ideas, share perspectives and encourage each other. Youth & Peace in Action includes an online community attached to every course. Small and large groups of participants can also use the YPA Online Peace Platform to create new subcommunities, engage in conversations about particular issues and spark new ideas. 

Communities are spaces to share our voices. Peacebuilding should be a dynamic, ever-changing journey to meet the needs of each new generation. Youth & Peace in Action is designed to engage a growing global community of young peacebuilders by listening to and amplifying their voices so they can inspire others.