21-Day Challenge

A Youth & Peace in Action Challenge is an opportunity to reflect and apply peacebuilding skills. To celebrate the YPA Goes Live Kick-off we’re announcing the first challenge: #YPAvoices! Here, we’ll post details on various YPA challenges. To participate, students need to be registered in the My Peacebuilder Foundations Course, giving you access to the Community and Challenge.

This 21-Day Challenge starts International Peace Day, Sept. 21, 2021; lasts 21 Days; and is designed for one thing ... to LISTEN to and AMPLIFY the voices of young people on:

Why? ... because great listening is at the heart of peacebuilding. Leadership researchers Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joseph Folkman propose that a skilled listener acts like a trampoline that amplifies and supports someone’s thoughts.

Each day for three weeks, a Challenge thought-starter is posted in the My Peacebuilder Foundations Community. Call to action: Review it. Do it. Share your experiences and ideas about what matters for peace – in text, images, videos, links, files.

At the end of the Challenge, the YPA Team will roll up the results and share their reflections back with the Community – but also in other places and platforms that will call on us all to be more willing to challenge our own beliefs.

Maya Gavia and Stephanie Suster are leading the #YPAvoices challenge! Both became certified NewGen Peacebuilders while sophomores in high school. Since then, they’ve served as peacebuilding ambassadors, project mentors and facilitators. Maya is an undergrad majoring in Peace, War and Defense. Stephanie studies economics. Maya and Stephanie spent exactly 21 days shaping each day of the 21-Day Challenge. In research and planning, they focused on the “Progress Study on Youth, Peace & Security” and its conclusions that youth are “The Missing Peace.” The study’s lead author tells us that listening to young people’s creative ideas is essential to peaceful and resilient societies.