Your peacebuilding journey starts here!

My Peacebuilder Foundations


My Peacebuilder Foundations is the core online course and interactive content delivered in sequential modules for high school students and members of youth clubs and organizations. The course is delivered in six modules (see Content description on this website) with estimated course completion of 15-20 hours. Course completion achieves understanding of fundamental drivers of conflict and peace, the ability to imagine innovative approaches to change, and skills to frame an issue problem statement and create a peace project idea.

Participation in this course also provides students with access to Case Studies, Challenges and a Community that support the goal of #YPAvoices – listening to and amplifying youth perspectives on how to build peace. Completion achieves a NewGen Peacebuilders certificate.

Guiding Young Peacebuilders

Teachers and Advisors

A 2018 global perceptions poll of 100,000 people in 15 countries suggested that supporting teachers with learning about conflict resolution frameworks and tools is at the heart of developing a culture of peace. Teachers and advisors have access to the My Peacebuilder Foundations course for students and additional “wrap-around” content on the philosophy, pedagogy and practices of peace education and the integration of innovative action peacebuilding into classroom learning. Additional aspects of the online course content include rethinking peace to move beyond violence toward long-term resilience and peace and how to align the content with instructional standards and inquiry-based teaching, particularly in Social Studies and English. Because many teachers serve as advisors to service clubs, suggestions are also provided on how best to guide student club members who are taking the My Peacebuilder Foundations course. Completion of a full 15-20 hours for certification is optional.

Guiding Young Peacebuilders

Community Sponsors / Rotarians

While students are completing My Peacebuilder Foundations, Rotarians in Districts and Clubs that are sponsoring Youth & Peace in Action have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of positive peace and how best to support and coach young people as peacebuilders. This online course includes essential elements of the student course My Peacebuilder Foundations combined with content from the Institute for Economics and Peace Positive (IEP) Peace Academy. Content is also provided on issues that interest young people; how to rethink personal perceptions of violence and peace in light of new research and theories; approaches to effective dialogues with young people; and Code of Conduct guidelines and principles for working with young people. Participants in this course have access to an online community to discuss and add to the learning. The estimated course time is 15-20 hours. Completion results in two certificates: one from Youth & Peace in Action, and the other from IEP.

Leading Peace Project Teams

Students and Certified Mentors

How do students refine peace project ideas in what feels like an age of chaos? This opportunity is for students and club members who want to more fully develop leadership skills and guide other students to put Peace Projects in Action. From January through May 2022, small teams of student leaders will pair with a club advisor or mentor (community sponsor/Rotarian) who has completed Guiding Young Peacebuilders. Together, they can develop and implement ideas generated through My Peacebuilder Foundations. In an accelerator style virtual/in-person summit, teams and mentors receive facilitated instruction and guidance that results in a peace project plan and implementation over 8-10 weeks.

Peace project completion achieves advanced certification that supports students in applications for competitive awards, scholarships and recognition. (Note: Opening of the Leading Project Teams application process is anticipated for December 2021. Schedule updates are provided to participants in My Peacebuilder Foundations and Guiding Young Peacebuilders.)