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What you'll learn

While students are completing My Peacebuilder Foundations, Rotarians will have access to Guiding Young Peacebuilders, a course that links essential elements of My Peacebuilder Foundations with additional content, including:

  • The fundamentals of “positive peace”

  • Tips on developing successful Peace Projects

  • Code of Conduct guidelines and principles for working with Peace Project teams

  • Issues that interest young people

  • Rethinking peace: moving communities beyond the absence of violence and toward long-term resilience and peace

  • How to create comfortable virtual and live spaces for young people

  • Using technology for team communications and management

After completing Guiding Young Peacebuilders, Rotarians can work independently as mentors with local project teams. There’s also the option for Rotarians to apply to become a mentor for Leading Peace Project Teams, which includes a short training and facilitated support for mentors and student leaders who want to guide student clubs and groups to deliver effective Peace Projects.