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My Peacebuilder Foundations is the core online course and interactive content delivered in sequential modules for high school students and members of youth clubs and organizations. The course is delivered in six modules (see Content description on this website) with estimated course completion of 15-20 hours. Course completion achieves understanding of fundamental drivers of conflict and peace, the ability to imagine innovative approaches to change, and skills to frame an issue problem statement and create a peace project idea. Participation in this course also provides students with access to Case Studies, Challenges and a Community that support the goal of #YPAvoices – listening to and amplifying youth perspectives on how to build peace. Completion achieves a NewGen Peacebuilders certificate.

What you'll learn

Hello and Hope
Everyone has the potential to be a peacebuilder. Begin your journey by learning how peacebuilding fits into the history and evolution of peace.

Harm exists at multiple levels—structurally, culturally, and directly. In this module, learn how peace, violence, conflict, and power are all connected.

Healing begins with an understanding of human rights and how power plays a part in healing. In this module, learn about the paths to healing and begin to consider how, through a Peace Project, you can bring healing to your community.

What do you feel when you see suffering? Pity? Sympathy? Empathy? Compassion? In this module, learn how to distinguish between these reactions and begin to apply that thinking to your role as a peacebuilder.

Head and Hands
You know the basic concepts for building peace. Now it’s time to put those concepts to action. In this module, get experience using various tools to make peacebuilding a reality in your community.  Learn how you can apply everything you’ve learned by identifying an issue and planning how you will approach that issue by participating in a Peace Project.